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Welcome to
The Harmonic Egg Experience 

The Harmonic Egg℠ is a unique, patented bio resonance chamber created to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing 


  • Greater mental clarity and focus
  • Supports emotional and mental well-being
  • Regulates and balances the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Relief from PTSD and stress
  • Relief from pain and physical injuries 
  • Supports recovery from many illnesses 
  • Better health and less anxiety in pets
  • Clears the energy from land/space 
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Experience Balance and Harmony
from Within

The egg-shaped resonant chamber was created to focus the energy of sound, light and color as a restorative bio healing therapy. The design combines ancient wisdom of sacred geometry with the outer shell in the shape of a dodecahedron, and acoustic science incorporated into its smooth inner shell. The Harmonic Egg is a peaceful and often euphoric experience. Some clients find relief after just a few sessions, while others find its healing properties valuable enough to opt for continued regular visits.This environment provides a consistent and repeatable experience promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.

Choose Your Experience

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In Person
Harmonic Egg Session 

Experience an individual in-person session while relaxing on a zero-gravity chair, listening to specific high quality music (frequency and vibration, and absorbing light and colour waves from within the resonance chamber designed using sacred geometry. 

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Harmonic Egg Session

Energy has no boundaries, therefore, it doesn't exist within the limitations of physical time and space. This has been researched with the theory of Quantum Entanglement, and through the use of other energy therapy modalities including Reiki, Past Life Regressions, Acupuncture, etc.  

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Space/Land clearing

While the will always try to adapt to our surroundings, it's hard to escape the toxins and EMF's that pollute our environment. As a result, our health and well-being can be greatly affected.  The Harmonic Egg not only works with our energy bodies, it can also clear the toxic and dense energy from space and land. 


2571 Carling Avenue suite 205,

Ottawa, ON, Canada K2B 7H7

Additional Info: 2nd floor of the Accu-Rate Plaza

Stairs and Elevator are available to the side of the plaza


Monday-Saturday (By appointment only)



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